Blockquote: text before vs text after (style - redundant border)

When you put text before quote it works. But when you put text after quote it doesn’t work (added redundant blue border in line where no quote).

You can reproduce:

Line with text (before quote)
> Line with quote (after text)

> Line with quote (before text)
Line with text (after quote)


I know new lines in markdown aren’t always new lines (for example you have tu put empty line). But in Obsidian markdown new lines are new lines. So I expect that new line without quote character have no border.

I guess I can fix it myself with custom CSS. But I think it’s core feature so I report this.

You posted link to markdown version that’s different from Obsidian.

For example: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide

To create a line break or new line (<br> ), end a line with two or more spaces, and then type return.

In link you posted, to create line break you have to put empty line. But in Obsidian you can just put line break to break line. doesn’t apply to Obsidian.

So if we can just break line to break line, so we should be able to create new line without quote without empty line.

The Obsidian team may or may not consider the block quote behavior an issue, but I’m quite confused why you would say this.

There are various flavors of markdown, where Obsidian is built upon the CommonMark variant. See link below. I can’t find a direct reference to what the uses as its main flavor, but I see some references indicating it’s not CommonMark.

Is one better than the other? Hard to tell, and not really relevant, as the choice has already been made. And even in the link above the developers state that they’re not locked to it completely, and have added stuff from the github flavor of markdown.

This seems to be according to the commonmark standard, so I don’t think it’s an Obsidian bug.

Try your example on: commonmark.js demo

And you’ll see the last two lines are concatenated into the quote. If you look at the AST you’ll also see there is a soft break between the lines, but it’s still the same paragraph.

Yeah, I looked a while ago and couldn’t find what calls their basic markdown, but there’s reference here to the “flavors” including CommonMark and GFM:

One of the Obsidian devs linked to earlier today to demonstrate some syntax to another user. I think it’s safe to use and does apply :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just trying to say that looking at commonmark guides might be more precise, at the cost of the user friendliness of . Reading the specifications of commonmark is not for the faint of heart…

This is not a bug, you need to add a blankline after. Otherwise it’s still a quotatation. >%20Line%20with%20quote%20(after%20text) >%20Line%20with%20quote%20(before%20text)%20%20 Line%20with%20text%20(after%20quote)

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