Blocked characters in titles once again

I’m Linux user. I have no plans to use Obsidian on Windows, nor MacOS. I don’t think that dots are any special under MacOS (I saw it as an explanation), but even if they are - I don’t care. I have filesystem that deals with all that characters, that are blocked. Why I’m punished because system, I’m not using is done wrongly?
Is there a way I can change it? Like plugin or something? Or maybe I can take responsibility and have flag for it?

I had thought this was already implemented:
List of not allowed characters in the File name: make it OS-specific!

What isn’t working? You may want to submit a bug report, or, if you’re hoping for characters that were not enabled by that feature request, you may need to submit a new feature request for the specific characters you’re interested in.

What’s your issue exactly?

dots are a special character on Mac and Linux. everything that starts with a dot is hidden.

In Linux, actually all characters except NUL are allowed, even newlines and all kinds of other fancy Unicode characters. But it depends on the filesystem used which characters may not be. Or have special meaning like the period as a first character.

This is a trap Android users also often fall into, when writing to FAT-type filesystems on SD cards. Or myself, when not thinking and happily using colons in filenames, because these aren’t allowed everywhere on Windows filesystens like FAT, FAT32, or NTFS.

Then again, I wouldn’t feel myself punished if only the more usual characters are allowed. Most users simply don’t use the more abstruse (and hard to use) possibilities. Although I often missed the colon als usable character in note titles.

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@ryanjamurphy Well, I have Obsidian v0.12.3, with Installer version v0.11.9. Linux, flatpak - and it blocks that characters… So maybe I’m doing something wrong, or I have to pass parameter, or something… Just looking for fix :wink:

@WhiteNoise - hidden file is still accessible. Besides that - Book titles sometimes contains dots. Like “Title. subtitle”, also I would like to have title:

“Best podcast #123. Talk with someone (second talk)”

  • or something like that. Say I’m typing it all, and then going to note body to find out that all I’ve typed is gone. Same when I’m passing book title from other source. I know why it is like that - just don’t like it.

Thanks for your time. I feel new here. Good to see strong community!

Title. subtitle should work

You can use # too but you are warned that those files won’t link properly.

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