Block references don't work with nested code block

  • Create a page with at least 2 bullets

  • Under some bullet create a nested code block.

    like this
  • On another page embed a block reference to the bullet with the code block

  • An anchor will be added AFTER the code block’s trailing backticks, breaking the code block.

  • The embed will instead embed the whole page.

  • Trying to link the block again will actually create a new broken anchor again.

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Please add a screenshot of your note in edit mode.

Block link behavior breaks very easily.

I think the pattern is if you use any markdown other than a generic single-level bullet, it will break all block link behavior and treat the link as a note link. An example:

Vanilla and working as intended (only the block is embedded):

Add a single markdown-style block quote > and the link is treated as a link to the entire note instead of a link to the block:

Same as above, but scrolling the preview note to illustrate:

We no longer show the whole page in case of broken header/block links.

I gonna close this BR and point everybody to this FR.