Block References and Bulleted Lists, Headings and Quotes

Things I have tried


Ive been having trouble with block references. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to take notes, but think I’m settling on bulleted outlines because I can create numerous leels of indent for subtopics and information I want to fold very easily. When I use normal headings and try to indent, it seems the app treats it as a code block.

To add some formatting to the bulleted list, I’ve I use headers (#, ##, ###, etc) which look great in preview mode.

However, when trying to reference a block in another document, any bullet line w/ a heading will not appear in the block reference list; when I take the # heading out, it shows up. Also, when I have a quote using the > symbol, the block also doesn’t show up in the list.

I guess I could take out all headings and quote designations in the bulleted list, but then I have no formatting of either in preview. Is this the intended behavior? Is there a workaround?

What I’m trying to do

If I understand you correctly, you’re adding a heading designation to a bulleted item? Like this?:

- # heading


  • heading

If I understand you correctly, why not just format headings without bulleting them and then add your bulleted items below them?

topic 1

  • sub-item
  • sub-item

topic 2

  • sub-item
  • sub-item


# topic 1
- sub-item


I’m not sure if I understand you correctly though…

thanks for the reply… yes you understand correctly… I could do the headings that way, but my sub-bullets also have subheadings. I would not do bulleted lists at all, but indenting w/ just headers only allows one level I think and then it’s a code block or something. Also I have a problem w/ quotes not being able to be called from bulleted lists. As I mentioned, I could remove all the heading and subheading formatting and also the quote formatting but then it’s a very flat, hard to read doc in preview mode.

e.g. going w/ your suggestion

heading 1

 - ## sub-item
      - sub-sub item
 - ## sub-item
      - > Quote

I see. This is beyond my capabilities so I hope someone can help you. But I wonder if maybe something might be gleaned from these posts:

CSS Snippet for multiple Blockquote styles with syntax formatting? - Help - Obsidian Forum

Better block references via quote block - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum

…because I feel like a workaround would be to style your items with CSS instead of with # or >. But that is oftentimes very “busy” in terms of having to write a lot of extra formatting.

The first post mentions styling blockquotes simply by use of tags. I wonder if the idea could be adapted to list items.

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thanks for your help

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