Block Reference with Name of Section instead of Number code of a Link ( in Live Preview)


When we reference some part of text of a note in another note with “^”, the result is that we got a link with a code after, ex.: [[testnote01#^7f0244]]. My question is, is it possible to make a reference so the block is shown, in Live Preview, simple as a link to a section of another text? ex.: [[Test Note Title 01]]
As shown in the screenshot as an idea…

Yes- use # instead of ^.

If we change to Preview Mode, ok…it shows some sort of reference without “code”, but I’m trying to accomplish this in Live Preview Mode, and using # doesn’t work. An aesthetic suggestion, if possible, would be as shown bellow in the screenshot.

Would using a pipe do the trick? Here’s an example in Live Preview, with the cursor on and the line:

and then way from it:

Well well well, that worded! But still looks redundant for me :grimacing:

Imagine if a title sentence is too long, and you have to type it twice just to accomplish this format style…

But thanks for the tip of using pipe.