Block Reference uses absolute path by default?

Things I have tried

I tried to insert block reference in sandbox by:

  1. open a note in the sandbox
  2. type [[Get started with Obsidian]]
  3. then in [[Get started with Obsidian]], press ^, and select some text to create a block reference.
  4. then we have:

What I’m trying to do

  • as I set the configuration to use short path if possible for all the links, I expect that the block reference using a link with short path, i.e. [[Get started with Obsidian#^26d6b9]]
  • however, using the method mentioned above, the block reference link is:
    [[Guides/Get started with^26d6b9]]

Moreover, now, if I change the location of Get started with, eg. move this file to the “Formatting” folder and accept the auto update, the block reference link changes from
[[Guides/Get started with^26d6b9]] to [[Get started with Obsidian#^26d6b9]] automatically.

I think the link for block reference should follow the configuration in obsidian. But what I observed is a misalignment, even for the actions performed by Obsidian automatically.

Is this a bug?

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Headers was fixed and blocks will be fixed in the next build (mentioned in Discord).


It’s a good news!
Thank you!

Thank goodness. This is quite a frustrating bug.

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