Block reference of list shows all previous lists

Different lists (i.e. lists which are separated by blank lines) are not recognized as different blocks for block references. Therefore links to this block reference show all previous lists as well.

Steps to reproduce

- list 1
	- foo

%% when inserting non-empty lines (e.g. comments) between lists, the lists are recognized as different blocks%%

- list 2
	- bar

- list 3
	- blub



Expected result

Transcluded result should be:

  • list 3
    • blub

Actual result

Transclusion shows all previous lists only separated by empty lines (i.e. list 2 and 3):


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 21.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19

Additional information

When not using a blank line between the list and the block reference (which is not supported officially, I know)


- list 3
	- blub

only the third list is transcluded, as it should be (but this suffers from the rendering issue explained here: Nested list rendering broken if line after is not empty)

This is not wrong. Those are not 3 lists. It’s one loose list. CommonMark Spec