Block links not working for indented or fenced blocks

To create block links (as described in the documentation), you should type a space at the end of a text block, followed by the link anchor (eg. `^formula1’).

This works for normal text, but doesn’t work for indented or fenced blocks of text (at least on Mac Obsidian v1.5.12). It seems that the anchor must be placed outside the text block. This is a bit confusing since the documentation makes it seems as if it should work by appending to any text block.

This may be my misunderstanding of the documentation, but in that case it would be helpful to add a clarification or example for indented or fenced text blocks. Thanks!

Here are reproduction examples:


Does not work with fenced blocks ^doesnt-work1

    Also does not work with indented blocks ^doesnt-work2

This works ^works1

This also works

Anchor must be outside of fenced block

    Anchor must be outside of indented block


The examples you provide are not actual text blocks, if I’m not mistaken, but merely parts of a text block, and as such you can’t link into a block.

Ahh, thanks for the clarification.