Block Links not showing up past first heading

I am looking to link in the same document/note I am typing in.

There’s a lot of text, mostly lists.
If I # I get my headings, but I am not looking for headings.
If I ^ I should get my blocks, but only the blocks in the first heading show up. ??

So the block I am looking for is not on the list.
Now I know i can’t select a heading, and then select the block in the heading, but that would be nice for large notes. Otherwise block linking becomes pretty useless in long notes.

In any case it would be nice to find my block. Unless there’s another type of link I should be looking for.

I don’t understand what exactly you are trying to approach, so here are some thoughts based on my current understanding.

  • If it’s a concept that you would like to reference ever-so-often, make a new note for them and link the new note and old note together.
  • I don’t know what happens to your vault, it should provide all “blocks” that you have in the note.

The second item.
I am just trying to access all blocks in my note but it limits itself to those in my first heading. No idea why.

Type a few words to allow Obsidian to filter out the blocks.

  • Also i have uploaded the edited version of the vault in your other post, unfortunately i cannot solve the indentation problem other then manually fixing it.
  • I humbly suggest that dont put everything in one single file, and if you have time check out
    (6) How to Take Smart Notes - Book on a Page - YouTube

Thanks typing in text works past the first block.

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