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What I’m trying to do

I have recently started creating block links to help develop some MOC’s. I have successfully created multiple block links from various pages, and pasted those links into a new page; however, when I click on the block link reference in this new pate, a an entirely new page is created for that block rather than linking directly back to the original block of text. Now when I click on a block link reference in my “MOC” it sends me to the new page that has been created rather than going back to the original page.

After reading this, it sounds convoluted and circular, and any help would be appreciated.


Hi @teebee77,

Sorry, I didn’t understand very well. What type of block link are you using to make reference to those pages? Are you using the transclusions?

Actually, and I have only been using Obsidian sporadically so I good easily be misusing tools, misunderstading terminology, or taking longer paths than necessary, but … I downloaded a plugin called “Copy Bock Link” which allows you to right click on a block of text which creates a link, which I then paste into a new document. I will paste a handful of links into this new file. When I click one of the links, I would like the link to go back to the document that the block link was created in. Instead, when I click on a link, it creates a new page, and everytime I click on said link it continues to bring me to the new page rather than to the original page where the original block of text originated.

Would you share the Markdown that has the problem? It will help to find a more accurate reason for the problem.

I have created the following simple Markdown files and linked them using Copy Block Link Plugin, and it refers to the original file without any problem…

Page 1

# Page 1, Heading 1-1

Some sentences...
Some sentences...
Some sentences... ^4xqfqk

# Heading 1-2

[Obsidian Copy Block Link](

Page 2

# Page 2, Heading 1

- [[Page 1#Page 1, Heading 1-1]]
- [[Page 1#^4xqfqk]]

cf. Copy Block Link Plugin

Solved for now. Links being pasted were starting with exclamation points. After deleting the exclamation point, the link now goes directly back to the note the link was created in.

Adding an exclamation mark changes a link to an embedded file (this is also a type of link), and displays the contents of the file.

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