Block-Level Structure Notes

Some interesting discussions have been had over tags, blocks, and structure-notes.

I’m curious if anyone has implemented structure-notes of blocks rather than of notes.


  1. Need:
  • given to paths A->B->C and D->B->E the context of B in each path may be slightly different.
  • We may not want to refactor B into B’ and B ‘’
  • This may be very common if backlinks of B is large and the set of notes with backlinks to B is also large.
  1. Lack of great alternatives
  • rigorous linking of ref C in B and ref E in B which is a bit cumbersome
  • Annotate the link pair (B,C) and (B,E) really the same
  • “this isn’t atomic” split it. However this isn’t true by default, the same content may serve two needs in context. Also this may be destructive as seeing that both A and D flow through B makes B an important singular item for elaboration and inquiry.
  1. Benefits
  • the specific reason/content within B relevant to ABC likely is different from
    the specific content in B relevant to DBE
  • this could easily be pointed to depending on the research line of inquiry in note traversal.

Has anyone tried such an approach?

I think I’ll give it a try and if this works look into coding a plugin so that if Note.block.ref is a link to a specific block, and if a note is the intersection of chains of notes, then extracting blocks with same context into a structure note may be useful.

A few questions I will need to look up are:

  1. could we have multiple block refs per block (aliasing maybe works)
  2. could we have nested blocks in which the inner block is included in the outer block

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!