![[#block]] content with ^link formatting

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get the content of a block reference like ![[2023-08-23#Memos]] but have it formatted like a internal link ![[2023-08-23#^memo-link]]. So no header, and smaller presentation.

It’s an aesthetics question. Block references gather all the information I want, but I prefer the styling of the section links.

This is the code block as it is

- [[2023-08-23|Wednesday]]

This is what is on my daily note for Wednesday 2023-08-23

## Memos
- 23:11 Made my first custom modifications to Memos! Very cool. #accomplishment
- 21:13 Get back into Obsidian

This is how it renders, with only the last bullet showing up.

Things I have tried

This is the formatting I’m trying to achieve, but each bullet is considered a unique section, so I only get the last bullet.

- [[2023-08-23|Wednesday]]

This gets the content, but then I also get a big header and the text is larger. This is a minor part of the weekly template and needs to remain small.

- [[2023-08-23|Wednesday]]

Same as the previous

- [[2023-08-23|Wednesday]]

I’m hoping one of y’all might be able to speed up my R&D. I’m still researching, but I’m now headed into topics that I am not familiar with, so the going gets slow because I have to learn as I go.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

My understanding is that a block of text or paragraph is transcluded in these cases. Never really tried it with lists, only blockquotes or normal text.

Sometimes I want the opposite: just a smaller portion of a longer text but I am reluctant to reformat the original text (I would need to break the flow of text by inserting an empty line; which I don’t want to do).