Block Backlinks

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I’m more familiar with outliner software and how they use block refs and display these as backlinks.

Is there a way to achieve this within Obsidian? (open to plug-in integrations if required)


So, let’s say I’ve a page of notes in separate blocks/paragraphs and want to reference these as separate topics -

Page Name: Article about Travel

This is a paragraph about red cars that… [[cars]]

This is a paragraph about blue boats that… [[boats]]


If I visit [[cars]], I know I can see the page above as a backlink, but can I view the individual text easily from multiple pages?

There is a Backlinks core plugin for this. If you activate it it will give you an option to activate backlinks in document which I think is what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve used that plugin before.

I suppose my question relates to the broader query about backlink functionality which is covered under - Fully transclude backlinks

I’m not 100% sure what’s implemented at this point though…