Blank space which cannot be deleted or interacted with

What I’m trying to do

Trying to delete a weird blank space which I cannot interact with after starting up Obsidian today

Things I have tried

  • I changed the note to view mode, the blank space disappeared.
  • I turn Safe mode on and it deletes the blank space, so I conclude it might be the plugins that caused the problem.
  • I tried disabled each of the community plugin but nothing works.
    Here are my plugin list:

I’ve seen reports of Typewriter Scroll causing a big gap in notes. After you turn it off (or any plugins, really), it’s best to close and open the vault to make sure the plugin is fully unloaded. The Reload app without saving command is usually fine as well.

Thanks for the reply, I will try to deactivate that plugin and see what happens next

Edit: it worked. It is Typewriter Scroll which causes the blank space to appear. After disabling it there are no more blank spaces.