Black window is drawn instead of opening the app v1.0.3

Steps to reproduce

Be on windows 10 and obsidian version 1.0.3 and open the app

Expected result

app opens normally

Actual result

only a black window is drawn, and the application does not open

  1. issue began in january or february
  2. A file appears in %appdata%/obsidian appears, named obsidian-1.5.3.asar

if i kill obsidian task in task manager, then delete this file, the app will open as expected.
The file is then created again and has to be deleted before the next time launching the app.

This only happens on a computer where I am not able to install software, don’t have admin rights, and which possibly restricts changes or updates that might occur during a software install.

IOW, I am stuck at 1.0.3 at this time on this particular computer. After applying the above workaround, 1.0.3 is what the about menu reports.

I anticipate the advice to be to delete, reinstall or let the app update itself. However I’m not able to delete update or reinstall the app, and whatever automated update process is occuring during startup, will not work on this computer.

It would be nice if the .asar that gets downloaded on startup would not prevent a 1.0.3 install from starting without the workaround every time.

Version 1.0.3 is quite old, and lacks at least one notable security patch.

I guess the administrator of your computer is unavailable or unwilling to help, but since you didn’t mention them: can they help?

If you haven’t already, perhaps disabling automatic updates would help (I think that’s in Settings > About).

can they help?

naturally i’m pursuing those avenues too.

disabling automatic updates

Exactly the workaround I needed, thanks.

We don’t provide support for older version of obsidian. Please don’t post in the bug report section if are unable to update. I am sorry. Moved to help section.

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