Black screen with 16.2 (insider build)

I don’t see any content of my notes since the update. I’ve re-installed (installer v0.15.9) but it doesn’t work.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Many thanks!


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Try uninstalling and reinstalling. Or perhaps move your vault folder elsewhere so that when obsidian starts, it asks you to create or open a vault. At this point, one thing to help troubleshoot this would be to open the help vault. If that works, you might consider disabling plugins and/or themes until things hopefully work again.

Assuming you still have your notes successfully saved and accessible, it sounds like a good time to make sure you back them up.

Good luck!

If you are using the Sliding panels (Andy Mode) plugin try disabling it.
It seems to have a conflict with the tab mode in the. insider build.

Had exactly the same problem (actually came into the forum to report it). Removing the Sliding Panes plugin resolved the issue.

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Like @erankatz I had same problem. Sliding Panes is definitely the conflict. Disabling it fixed things.