Bionic reading plugin: Text auto-formatting for enhanced reading speed

Alright, I stumbled on something today which not only I believe does not exist in any other note taking tools, but genuinely could be game changing for supporting reading notes. As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words:

So here is the idea put simply. Having a plugin which auto-formats text (nothing permanent our course, only adjust the way the text is rendered) at the switch of a toggle I think could be very interesting. Having the ability to diagonally read through large amounts of information could potentially greatly improve one’s ability to get information from one’s pkm system.


Also if you did notice a difference in reading speed please let me know, I am very curious whether or not it was just me!

Link to bionic reading: , it seems like they even already have an API up and running, constructing a plugin around it should be relatively straight forward for someone with some better skills than mine!


I felt focused while reading the second paragraph with bionic reading mode. I also noticed a difference in reding speed. I recently read the post about bionic reading in reddit and was searching some CSS or plugin in this forum. Let’s hope somebody with solid programming skills can make one.


While it seems like a good idea, I’m not sure how feasible it is given the expensive cost of the API. However, someone in the community with the right skills could design something similar for sure!

Do you reckon this could somehow be achieved using css snippets for example? Or using this upcoming plugin?

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My guess is either this would have to be a paid feature (if Obsidian pays BR for their API) or we have a community plug-in that somehow skirts the patents :laughing: hoping for the latter


ansh/bionic-reading: A Chrome Extension for Bionic Reading on ANY website! (

This is the link to chrome extension. Might be helpful if anybody is looking to make a plugin for obsidian.


I’m afraid I don’t have enough knowledge in CSS or Javascript to answer your question, so let’s hope someone with more experience sees this topic and comments on it :slight_smile:

I tried using their API it doesn’t work well for white on black, not bold enough to improve reading in-browser in my opinion. I’m REALLY hoping this can be implemented in Oblivion!

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Here’s someone who made such a plugin for Roam. Perhaps someone could convince him to make a port to Obsidian or just poke around on it for inspiration?


It seems like he just ported it to logseq, with a bit of luck obsidian is on his road map too!

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It seems like someone actually did it for Obsidian. Check this one out!!!

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Very Nice! :sunglasses:

I have used the browser extension in chrome and found a combo of ‘Bionic Reading’ and ‘Endel - Deep Focus’ can put me in the zone.
Endel works the best but Bionic Reading offers a little increase in productivity.