Bind typing and the search results

Okay, I don’t know if this request already exists, but I think I have a proposition for a killer idea!

Obsidian is all about making connections between concepts and ideas. The challenge is to remember all the existing concepts noted down. Currently, there are several features that helps to find the content to connect to: mentions - helps to connect based on the note titles and links - dropdown of an existing content when typing a link.

However, the main action in Obsidian is writing and currently there is no way to know, if the words and phrases I type already relates to the concepts and ideas mentioned somewhere alse.

Here is the killer feature idea:
What if the search side-bar could bind to the typing of current words and phrases and automatically update search results, so I can notice if there is something similar already mentioned somewhere in my notes? This would really enable me to connect notes even more not only based on titles, but also based on the content in the notes.

What do you think, folks?



I think I understand what you are looking for and what your idea is about.

But: If the search engine is screening your writing, it is screening your writing for each single word. That means it will react on each word you type, independently, if it is important or not.

I strongly assume you need to mark specific words like tags, to let the system know it should lookout for them when you write.


Yes, I see what you mean, a lot of word searches will be useless. Idea needs to be worked on, but regardless I think we can do much better in terms of fast search.

Maybe special search mode (tab) could react to a highlighted word instead?