Bigger text for certain tagged page

I have some Arabic text but it seems small compared to regular text.
so I want to make the font on the page with the tag #arabictext bigger.
is there any way to do this with custom CSS or anything?

There is an option to do cssClass in the front matter, which would apply that css class to that particular note. So maybe you could add such a class, when adding the #arabictext tag?

I’m not familiar with how to do it automatic, since tag based stuff is (for me at least) mostly used to do post-processing stuff, and not inline stuff like you’re suggesting.

And I don’t know if you’re able to tag a class to a paragraph except some variants of code blocks (and callouts). At least, I’ve not found any way to do that yet, besides the cssClass in the front matter.

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Thanks, now I know that there is a way to have CSS class for the page.
but it’s too complicated because the editor and preview use different CSS classes and the classes are not selectable in editor mode,
I mean it’s using cm-line for everything and I cannot select just the body text.

Anyway, it’s helpful but it still cannot solve the problem for now, at least not the way I wanted it.

This would be too general to use?

/* CSS class LARGERTEXT */

.markdown-preview-view.largertext {
font-size: 30px;

.markdown-source-view.largertext {
font-size: 30px;

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