[BIG reQuest] Kill the Mice

I am totally disappointed, what is the use of Markdown for editor, when the App can’t be used without mouse?

I am requesting an Obsidian which is fully Keyboard-able.
I find it difficult to use mouse and keyboard at same time, was not Obsidian made keeping in mind the Programmers?.

There could be several ways:

  • WASD or Arrow keys navigation like in Handsets.
  • Tab , Shift+Tab navigation.
  • Long press alt or F6 press the prompt numeral like in MS word.
  • Full, All-Round Hotkeys to access each nook and corner.
  • Combination of above.

Hoping, it will receive approval… :slightly_smiling_face::


By setting Vim key bindings in the Editor settings and using Cycle through Panes and Jump to link plugins you can get a mostly mouse-less experience, even though with some rough edges (e.g. you can’t scroll in Preview mode with vim key bindings, and as a Vimium user that’s a major turnoff)

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I moved your post to the Hotkeys compilation. In general, please help us out by using the templates. The more concrete your feature request is, the higher the likelihood someone (either the devs or a plugin developer) can implement the requested features.

So, will you restore this post, if it suggest more detailed solution?

@ViaAhmed Instead I would recommend opening a more concrete version using the template in #feature-requests!

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