Big file parsing issue

I am having some parsing issue for obsidian for big file

this issue is not very reproducible , but let me try to describe to see if anybody has the similar issue.

my files is issue tracking file, which has nested headers h1,h2,h3,h4, less than 5 levels
I have outline panel open on the right as navigator
normally, I click the item on the right, the corresponding topic will be shown on the main edit window in preview mode, with correct format rendered.
however, when the file is big, over 4000+ lines, occasionally, the text format is not rendered properly, it seems to lose its format

the work around I have is:
1 restart obsidian
2 randomly click some topic , and somehow the topic will be rendered properly

the pattern I found so far is:
1 only happens in big file in preview mode
2 after it is rendered properly one time, it will be good for a while, and all of sudden, it may stop working again.

anybody has similar issue?

What I’m trying to do

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Similar issue:
My headers are not parsed correctly. Apparently I have 5 h1, but only 3 is rendered. The h1s between the 2nd h1 and the last h1 is not shown in the outline, which is rather annoying. I have 165 lines in total. I’ve tried retyping the headers but it won’t work.

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