Bible Scripture References (like Strange New Worlds)

Hey all,

I’ve got a particular niche problem. My Obsidian is primarily dedicated to my ministerial work and Bible study thus I have a vast number of Bible references in my notes. I happened across the “Strange New Worlds” plugin. This plugin places a small counter next to any links in your note showing you the number of times this note has been used in your vault. When hovered over you can see where each instance of this note appears in your vault.

For my purposes, such a feature would be great for use with scripture references: seeing where any scripture you refer to has elsewhere been used in your vault. However, the only way of doing this involves downloading a very large Markdown Bible, or creating a new note for every single scripture referred to.

Now, if you’re unaware, the Bible has a lot of individual scriptures :sweat_smile:. I really don’t want to clog up my vault with empty verse notes or the entire text of the Bible.

My ideal solution is this: a plugin which reads any scripture reference (e.g. “Matthew 24:1-7”) and automatically places a reference counter next to the citation just like the Strange New Worlds plugin does for linked notes as well as providing the hover over backlinking window to see where those extent citations are. However, unlike Strange New Worlds, it would not be dependent on a pre-existing link, and unlike some other scripture reference plugins, it wouldn’t create new notes for scriptures referenced.

I feel that there are likely a lot of people who have similar feelings that would benefit from such a plugin, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

The LDS Scriptures Reference plugin doesn’t do what you want but might provide a little inspiration or code to build on.

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