Bible cite from local file or from a site like BibleGateway (could be ported to other holy books)

Hello! This request / idea is based on a conversation I read in another thread.
In this thread, we talked about how to organize the Bible itself in Obsidian.

I’d like to see a way to cite the Bible, or other holy books, in a literature-note style. I’m not interested in having the whole book in my vault, but links to external sources that already have the information, either in a program such as e-sword, or from a site like Bible Gateway, Blue letter Bible, or your favorite repository of scriptural texts. If there’s an easy workaround, I’m all ears. However, I don’t know of one at the moment, especially one that preserves reference style, verse numbers, and/or verse spacing, all of which are essential to me. The other thing that I was pondering over was how those notes would be sorted – quoted. Alpha sets them in a strange order. Setting a book number might work, but that’s not as well known, and might need to be built into a list somewhere. (Not sure if I’m making sense. It’s the same issue we have with weekday sorting.)

I didn’t see anything else on this, but if I missed it, I apologize.

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