Better Word Count Plugin - count words in selected text

Have you ever wanted more control over your word count?
Well, now you can have that control with Better Word Count.

Anyway, I needed it, so I made it and you can have it too.
It replaces the core plugin counting the words of selected text when text is selected.

Here is the repo: Better Word Count


Doesn’t work in preview mode.

Looks like Better Word Count no longer works with the latest Obsidian update. I am unable to see the word count of the selected text anymore.

You might like the file Info plugin
Installable through BRAT
Though, again, the word count for selected text doesn’t work in LP

I just checked this out in v0.13.19 and it does not show any count at all, total or selected.

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I have the same problem, my status bar is without word count even without Display/Source/LivePreview toggling. Is there any way to “refresh” status bar?

On 0.13.19 Live Preview

No plugin; exactly the same as Better Word Count enabled:


File Info Panel (Selected Text not working in Live Preview):

DragKing will work on Selected Text:

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[email protected], @dalibord : Same Problem here :frowning:

Cannot get plugin to work · Issue #33 · lukeleppan/better-word-count · GitHub

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File Info Panel selected text does now work in Live Preview

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Until this plugin works again, on iOS/iPadOS (and Mac after I update) I’m using a word-counting shortcut via the Obsidian Shortcut Launcher community plugin. Details:

Prior to that I edited the notes whose word count I cared about in a separate app.

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For me, the status bar is locked on the “Alternate Status Bar Text.” I cannot get it to display the “Status Bar Text.”

Is this part of this plug-in being broken?

I wish this plugin worked with the live editor!

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