Better word count - not refreshing

After the WYSIWYG update (at least I think that’s when it happened) better word count (from now on BWC) plugin stopped working.
What I mean by that:
When I start obsidian with an opened file , there is no sign of BWC being active.
When I close all opened files, it gets updated and shows standard version of it (all files, words and chars). But when I open a file and make a change, nothing happenes. Closing all files refreshes the counter, but that’s not the point of that plugin. Have you also experienced similiar issues? Or have any clue how to fix it?

What have I tried:
Removed my snippets folder, if that could affect it - no changes.
Reinstalled the plugin - no effect at all.
Turned on the default WC - it works perfectly fine, but you know, it’s not the “better” one (or I guess now it is, cause at least it works).
Apart from that I have no idea what could be causing that :((

Same problem as this thread:

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Should work in Legacy Editor in Edit File pane

PS Since the File Info pane for counting selected text also fails in Live Preview, I assume that the coding needs to be updated for CodeMirror 6, and that this is the case for the Better Word Count plugin too.

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The most recent update of the plugin is july 21. So, probably there are many issues with the new Obsidian versions.

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