Better way to embed audio

Use case or problem

As a newspaper reporter, I need to be able to take notes and record audio simultaneously. Ideally, the recorded audio should then be included in the note and automatically synced from my Android phone to my Mac workstation. I’ve been using Evernote the last ten years, and this has mostly worked fine. This is also the main reason I’ve been sticking with Evernote this long, but now I’m trying to get rid of it.

Theoretically this works in Obsidian with the core audio recorder plugin. However, the plugin is very primitive. Even though the audio quality is bad, the files are unnecessarily large. There is no way to select audio quality or file type. There is no visible indicator showing the duration of the recording, or even that a recording is ongoing.

Proposed solution

The audio recorder plugin should be improved on, or there should be an alternative plugin. Better audio quality and visible indicator of ongoing recording and resulting file size are very much needed. Alternatively, there should be a better way to use an external audio recorder and embed the resulting audio file in a note.

Current workaround (optional)

At the moment I am experimenting with using Samsung’s own audio recorder in parallel with Obsidian. The sound quality is better and there are more options for the recording format. After finishing the recording, I can share the file to Obsidian, and it gets embedded in the note. In theory this is a good solution, but as a news reporter I need to be able to concentrate on the interview instead of jumping back and forth between two different apps.

Related feature requests (optional)

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Agree that its must be an indicator. Its annouing to make audio notes from phone!
Please fix it asap!