Better visualization for second degree connections

Use case or problem

I write to a hypertext garden and some notes are more challenging to reach than others. If I were able to visualize 2nd degree connections, then I would be able to see how many paths there are to any given note, make a judgement about how obscure it is, and maybe add more paths if it’s too obscure relative to how much I value it.

Additionally, this will be useful for the graph view in order to help me view how two nodes are connected to each other. See my description here:

Proposed solution

i have two proposed solutions:
One is to let me highlight a node and its connections as I normally do in the graph view, but then from there I can see the second degree connections highlighted in a different color.

Another is to let me select two nodes and see what the pathways between them are in x steps. This doesn’t solve the main problem of viewing note obscurity and possible paths, but does increase the utility of 2nd degree connections.

Related feature requests (optional)

This feature has been requested before, but it was archived and I’m not sure why. The current implementation of seeing X degree connections from a local graph view is not useful in the above mentioned ways because it can be too difficult to parse on its own, containing too many nodes to easily be able to tell what the 2nd degree connections are from a note.


I would really like functionality along these lines as well. I know there’s a plugin that basically does x degrees of Kevin Bacon between two notes, but I would like to visualize all the connections/paths, rather than just one.

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I would love to have this feature. It would really help find and explore relationships between things.

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I agree. +1