Better Vim Support

This has probably been discussed a bunch of times before, but Vim support is far from ideal.

There’s a plugin for making a custom vimrc, which helps a bit, but text editing is just not the same without a regular Vim config.

Now, I know this would probably be a lot of work to implement, and I wouldn’t bring this up if I hadn’t seen it done well somewhere else, but Onivim 2 (an electron-ish app — it uses something else, but the point is that it uses web technologies) uses a Vim C library under the hood and it’s freaking fantastic!

It feels just like using Vim, for the most part. All the basic plugins, like vim-surround, for example, work great. So I thought I’d bring this up to see if this would be a feasible thing to do in Obsidian.

What really got my attention, as I’ve been following Onivim’s progress for quite a while, is that I think that app is developed by one person, so that got me wondering if this wouldn’t be easier to implement than I initially thought…

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