Better tiling (pane arrangement)

Use case or problem

Obsidian is, well, bad at using my screen space :slight_smile: I open new panes a lot and it never seems to get the layout right by itself once I have more than a few panes open; in particular after a point it tends to open panes which are completely unreadable (less than one line tall if doing vertical splitting, too narrow to be usable if doing horizontal) even though a better split is available.

See and for examples of each.

Obsidian actually fails so hard at this when compared to e.g. vscode/Foam that I first assumed I had broken it somehow with an extension :slight_smile: But I disabled all extensions and tried from a new vault and the issue remains.

Proposed solution

I’d expect ‘fair scheduling’ when tiling; for example, when opening a new pane, just find the largest existing tile and split it across its largest dimension.

‘Nautilus mode’ could also work perhaps, where you split the smallest pane instead to accomplish a sort of golden ratio progression. I run an i3 plugin that does that.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m trying to use the [[sliding panes]] plugin to work around this, but it also has limitations when used in portrait mode as it assumes panes only expand horizontally.

Related feature requests (optional)

Pane-aware tabs could also work: Tabs in the Main Area of Obsidian view (in the panes) (like a browser) - #7 by justinyan

Thank you very much for your attention!