Better Templater Documentation and / or Instructional Material?

While trying to learn Templater recently I ran into a problem that I couldn’t find an obvious answer to in the documentation. Looking at the documentation more closely I see that it doesn’t seem to go into much depth and doesn’t really explain things very well when it comes to the specific builtin functions it offers (that’s just my opinion). What I’m wondering is if there are any more in-depth and comprehensive documentation for Templater. Something that covers everything but explains things a little better? In addition to that are there any reputable instructional material? I’ve seen a couple youtube videos for getting started but they just show you a couple really simple things and never get into the nittty gritty of it (like custom scripts and functions - the deep stuff). Guidance on use cases for more advanced uses - for a little inspiration - might be nice too.

Thanks in advance for any resources / direction.

There is a Discussion page on Templater GH where you might pick up some skills.


Cool that

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