Better task markdown? (+progress)

Just some small tweaks to checkboxes:

  • reading [] as an empty task
  • not requiring a list (bullet point or numbered) before a checkbox

i like typing fast and those extra keys to me seem unecessary - i figure its some part of the logic between bullets and numbered lists- but given how tasks are already distinct enought to act as bullet points thenselves it seems uneeded the ‘’-’’ beforehand; It could as well be optional (wich may interest some), so both bullets and numbers would be available as well

  • allowing multiple checkboxes alongisde each other, inline (ex: [][][])

Ive used that quite a lot in other apps, both as an way of representing progress as well as method of control when a list is made with 2+ steps in mind (for example i used to list chapters i had to write in other app with 2 [][]- one for draft done, another for reviewed/proofed)

+(bonus) Progress: not essential but it would be neat if there was a setting or core plugin for showing % progress before tasks when they have 2 or more checkboxes

Related feature requests (optional)

couldnt find a similar request, sorry if i missed any