Better PDF interaction

  • Scrolling instead of the slow and glitchy arrow clicking
  • Highlight/Notes
  • Link to place in pdf (like page # or highlight)
  • Be able to tag or attach markdown files to pdfs

If Obsidian just added the FIRST, it would be my #1 go-to app for all my work. Currently I’m using DevonThink (pdfs files & markdown) but it is simply too big and clunky for what I need.


I agree, It would be quite interesting to have scrolling to browse PDFs is much more practical than clicking.
A very good feature is also to add the ability to highlight PDFs, if there were these two features I would not need to use an external PDF reader.

please provide scrollable feature in in built pdf reader in obsidian.
simple pdf editor would also be much welcomed

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One will happen in 0.10.8.
For the other 3 points there are already feature requests or you can open specific ones. FRs should be atomic.

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