Better Management of Tasks using Daily Notes

Obsidian provides the foundations of a strong task management framework utilising the open - [ ] task standard. Being able to proactively link tasks to daily notes (from standard notes), or push tasks to other days would be amazing. Noteplan is the only tool I know that does this well using Markdown.

Use case or problem

Proactive management of tasks within daily notes. Being able to move incomplete notes to different days. Being able to send tasks within standard notes notes to daily notes for processing on specific days.

Proposed solution

End of the day I skim my daily notes using Note refactor to split out important content to actual notes. I tick off the items I had planned to do for the day and would like to move existing open tasks to another day. I click on the line of the task I want to move and have some mechanism to select a different day.
I have the option to process all open tasks to another day. Obsidian marks my current task as cancelled - [-] and provide a [[link to the day I chose]]. On the day I chose there is the task and an option [[backlink]] to the day it came from. Preferably tasks retain a heading structure on the day they are moving to (eg. I have an option task under a ##heading then on the new daily note, the ##heading and the task move together.

Current workaround (optional)

Copy paste.

Related feature requests (optional)


You should look at the Review and Slated plugins. Slated in particular riffs off of NotePlan’s tasks. I think the two plugins work well together.


Excellent thanks Ryan, this looks promising, I’ll check it out.

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