Better jumping between two notes

Use case or problem

I have been doing more and more of my writing in Obsidian and this need is related to that. Very often I have 2 notes open at the same time on 2 panes (e.g., a draft and the notes related to it, let’s just call them “draft” and “notes”). I would often have, e.g., section 1 of “draft” linked to section 1 of “notes”, section 2 of “draft” linked to whichever section of “notes”, etc.
I really like that we can now link to a specific section or even paragraph of a document. But if jumping back and forth between 2 documents, it does not work as well as it could.
Right now, if I click on the link in “draft”, “notes” will either open in the same pane or in a new one. If I do the “jumping” multiple times, I will either end up with a lot of extra panes (not great on a small laptop), or have to close them manually.

Proposed solution

If a file is already open, then a link pointing to a section of it should just have it jump to that place in the pane it is already opened in.

Current workaround (optional)

just close the “extra” panes.

Related feature requests (optional)


Yes, it would really improve work wit many notes in Obsidian