Better info about plugin updates

Use case or problem

To check and update plugins, we need to enter settings => Community Plugins and select “Check for update.”

Then when there are new versions, we see a message - essential information that X plugins have an update.

It’s not helpful info because I would like to know which plugin has changed and what has changed.

Current workaround (optional)

Go through the list of plugins and check one by one each plugin.

Proposed solution

Show all updated plugins in one place - direct above a “Check for update” button. It would be effortless to see what was updated.


there is a plugin for this. Plugin changelog.

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It doesn’t work like this.
Do you suggest I should talk with the authors of this plugin to implement it?

well it doesn’t work exactly like that but you can check for updates and then see the changelog of plugins marked for update.

I just subscribe to the plugins in [github/notifications | settings] and receive updates via email this way.

To be able to read them in my rss feed reader(e.g. Inoreader) I forward them from gmail via

OR … subscribe directly to github rss feeds …
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So far I’ve found the email notifications to be more customize-able than the rss feeds.