Better indicator that audio recording is active — especially on mobile

Use case or problem

The only way to tell that Obsidian’s core plugin Audio Recorder is actively recording audio is the colour of an icon on the ribbon.

This is particularly a problem on mobile, where the ribbon isn’t present. You have to invoke the record audio command and then cross your fingers that you did not misclick or make some other mistake when starting the recording.

There have been a few times where something did go wrong when trying to start the recording, and the recording never started, so I wasted precious minutes only to realize once finished that nothing was being recorded.

Proposed solution

Once Audio Recorder’s Record Audio feature has been started, provide some other visual cue on the interface that recording is happening. It’d be great if this could be a waveform or some other visualization that provides visual feedback of what’s happening with the recording, but even just a classic “red light” indicator would be better than what we currently have.

Current workaround (optional)

On desktop this is rarely a problem.

On mobile: invoke the command/tap the command button on the mobile menu and cross my fingers.


I have the same problem.