Better image and attachment management

Use case or problem

At present, attachments and images are managed in folders. I hope to provide another more convenient way of management

Proposed solution

I would like to have an option to save images to SQLite.It was necessary to include private images in my diary.

I’ve wanted to write a plugin, but so far I can’t understand the API documentation written using ts. I can’t understand what every function does

Related feature requests (optional)

  1. Modify the method of rendering images so that they can be read from SQLite
  2. Ensure that the existing ability to read images locally works properly
  3. Users can delete images that are not referenced by any note
  4. The attachment as above
  1. Users can delete images that are not referenced by any note

I think this is the more immediate issue to address. At the moment, attachments don’t even show up in search as far as I can tell, so even trying to manually manage to-be-orphaned images (i.e. I want to remove from current note) is a total PITA.

We really need an “Orphaned” panel as images are going to be a headache. References can be derived from other apps that manage linked assets: Adobe After Effects / Premiere / InDesign, Ableton Live, etc.

I think there is plugin already that finds the notes without any back link and deletes them. Attachments are not much different in this regard. You can just open them and see their back-links, do I guess that part is not a big issue.

I agree that a better file management system is possible tho. I like the way Zotero handles that and I just use it for this purpose. If Obsidian could handle such a functionality it would be awesome. But I don’t know even how it would look like tbh.

Ah awesome—thanks for pointer. This is better than nothing but for many images over time this is still an issue. I’m about to migrate a heap of notes from Bear with many images that I may not need in notes and it occurred that, with current Obsidian options, it is probably smarter to process these notes better in Bear first so that orphan images are less of a problem.

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Yeah it is smarter to not moving all the files into obsidian for now, another way to handle this is that obsidian just shows images and other attachments from other programs like Bear and Zotero inside the notes