Better formatting when copying from Perplexity.AI to Obsidian for Obsidian Publish

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to generate content in Perplexity AI and just copy it into a new page that I want to publish to Obsidian Publish. Generally it works really well but the citations are getting mangled.

I’m having several problems.

  1. When there is more than one citation for the same sentence the display of it is screwed up in the Obsidian desktop app unless the cursor is placed on the citations.

When it’s published it looks OK.

  1. When the content is copied the numbers are no longer links to the sources. They become a list at the bottom of the page which is actually great but the numbers do not link to the sources on the bottom of the page or to the external source. Within perplexity you just click the number to get a link to the source.

This is the list that appears in Obsidian. It’s great and they are still links but the numbers in the article don’t link to anything, they don’t even link down to the citation section.

  1. I want to collapse the citation list with

    This looks fine in the Obisidan desktop app but when published it breaks the links and it breaks the line breaks in the list and becomes a big jumble of text. Useless basically.

  2. If I highlight the text on the perplexity website and copy it that way instead of using the copy button, it preserves the functionality of the clickable source links but doesn’t give the lest at the end which would be an OK compromise but it inserts of a bunch of blank space.

  3. In all cases the citations don’t have a space between the citation number and the end of the text. That’s really ugly when the end of the text happens to be a number like a year.

Is there a way to be able to copy the output of perplexity into Obsidian with ready to publish formatting? Maybe this requires a plugin or some kind of tool. Does it exist?

Things I have tried

Not much because I can’t code and I’m not sure where to start or if a fix is even possible. Maybe this is something that needs a plugin?


The limit for screen shots is really annoying.

I guess there isn’t an automatic way to format Perplexity text. I used it in this text Diccionario geográfico Madoz - Marco Noris — lab and I manually changed sources to footnotes…

I just had the same problem with Perplexity formatting and I was really frustrated. That’s why I develop the browser extension called Save my Chatbot.

When you’re on a Perplexity thread, you simply click on the extension icon to download its content into a formatted markdown file.

It’s available for Chrome browsers (including Edge, Opera, Brave, etc.) and Firefox:

I’m really interested in your feedback so, if this extension helps you, please give it a rate and a review. Your comments help me to make this extension always better.


Wow, thanks! I’ve installed it, and it seems to work as expected! Thanks! :rocket:

It would be even more awesome if it would use inline footnotes, it helps to unclutter the reading experience in the reading modus.
Inline footnote, these work in reading mode, not in live preview.

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It works great, thanks!!

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Thank you for mentioning inline footnotes, I’ll take a look :+1:

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