Better Daily Notes Plugin Beta Released!

New Beta Plugin: Better Daily Notes

Hey everyone, I’ve just release the beta version of Better Daily Notes Plugin, designed to improve your daily note-taking experience! Here’s the main features:

  • Instantly generate daily notes and folders, organizing them neatly by year and month with a single click. Plus, customize the daily note format to suit your needs.
  • Tailor your experience by defining a specific window of hours after midnight to count as the previous day—ideal for those burning the midnight oil!
  • Say goodbye to image clutter! Better Daily Notes automatically renames and stores images you add to your daily notes in a dedicated folder within each month’s directory. And if you want more control, customize image display sizes and compress files to your liking (optional).

Elevate your daily note-taking game with Better Daily Notes—where organization and personalization meet simplicity! Feel free to share your feedback or suggest new features! Your input is highly appreciated!


Updated to v 0.2.3


  • Add support for file type .zip and .pdf
  • Decide whether to use the file management (rename and move) or not.
  • Optional to use file management outside of daily notes.
  • Support installation via BRAT
  • Support creating daily notes from template

the file management is great!

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Updated to 0.3.3

Hey everyone! Just dropped an update for Better Daily Notes 0.3.3! It’s got some cool new stuff to make your daily note-taking smoother. Check it out:

What’s New

  • File Management: Easily handle files by dragging or pasting them into your daily notes. They’ll automatically go into images and attachments folders within the same note folder. You can even use this feature in notes other than daily ones (optionally).
  • Summary Page: Get an automatically updated page that summarizes your latest daily notes into one file, complete with embedded file links make it a backlinks traceable page.
  • Create Daily Note From Template: Just like the official one, nothing new.


I’ve tested compatibility with Calendar and Day Planner, both work like a charm with minimal effort! If you’re wondering about compatibility with your favorite plugin, hit me up via DM, post an issue on the repo, or give it a whirl yourself then create a pull request to help this plugin better!
Find more information in the Compatibility Section.


Install the plugin through BRAT directly.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and invaluable to improving the plugin! Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide.