Better checkbox behavior (largely copy/paste)

I often use Obsidian as an outliner.

One of my key use cases is to create a weekly plan.

Often it will look something like this:

Sometimes I will have many more sub-points within each:

Often I use the Outliner app to move things around. But often, when making “larger” bulk edits, the Outliner plugin will be too restrictive.

So, often I will be cutting and pasting sub-items across parent items. However, I have two main frustrations with this:

  1. The indentation is not respected when copying/pasting, requiring manual indentation.
  2. The natural way of copying and pasting checkboxes will often result in a double-up of checkboxes, requiring manual editing to format cleanly.

Whilst these are small issues, if I do this multiple times per day, the constant needing to double-handle small changes can pile up.

I added a video showing this behavior: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Considering you also created Dynalist (which I was a user), I know you probably understand how something like this could work better!

Maybe as a side, are there plans to bring stronger outliner functionality natively to Obsidian? The current Outliner plugin is an amazing community initiative, but lacks the development throughput to go as far as it could be.

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Have you tried doing this in Source mode instead of Live Preview? I am unable to get the indentation to change (i.e. not be respected) when I am in Source mode.

I don’t know about others but I found this video very hard to follow. It could use some narration to understand what’s wrong and what you want to see at every step.

Thank you. Edited clip to focus on copy and paste behaviour.

Issues are the additional check box that appears after paste and that the indents of tasks are not respected.

I rely on live preview in my work flow :frowning:

Posted this thread in Outliner discussion: Paste multi-paragraph text in a block · Discussion #264 · vslinko/obsidian-outliner · GitHub

I think this is a feature that wouldn’t be too hard to implement in the Outliner plugin, rather than wait for Obsidian core devs to implement.