Beta access to encrypted note sharing plugin (Obsidian Note Sharing)

Hi everyone! I would like to announce the beta for my new plugin, obsidian-note-sharing, and the companion web app, is a service for sharing end-to-end encrypted Markdown notes from Obsidian. (meaning you can securely share e.g. work-related notes!)

Features include:

  • No account or API keys required
  • AES-256-CBC encryption
  • Free hosting on (fair use rate limiting applies)
  • Self-host your encrypted notes for full control (noteshare is 100% open-source)
  • Most markdown is supported (currently no image or note embeddings)

I created this service for my own use, as I was tired of relying on third-party services like GitHub Gist to host my Obsidian notes to share with others.

I am currently looking for beta testers and community feedback. You can install the plugin using BRAT from this GitHub page: GitHub - mcndt/obsidian-note-sharing: 📝 An Obsidian plugin for sharing encrypted Markdown notes on the web. Zero configuration required.

Feedback is welcome via GitHub discussions, or the Discord server (see the website). Bug reports are welcome in the GitHub issues section.