Best way to record quotes in Obsidian?

In Evernote I use the detailed list view and a quote = a single note, making it very easy to then sort by note title or date created. However Obsidian’s structure of having everything in the sidebar makes using a single note for every quote less desirable for me - though that could just be because of my inexperience with it.

I would like input from other users on how you store hundreds of tidbits of information like this? I would like to be able to easily sort and browse through them. Searching for a specfici one I am less concerned about.

I do have the plugin installed, which allows for an Evernote type view of notes, but based on my experience with it so far I am afraid to be dependent on it, as sometimes files show up as they should, sometimes they do not etc.


I have person notes with section Quotes:

Note Andrew

# Quotes
## 2023-11-11 Dinner
To much salt

Then you can show it via hash link
![[Andrew#2023-11-11 Dinner]]


I just watched this video, no dataview, embedded search queries

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Thanks, watching it now. Near beginning of video: “I literally spent years experimenting”. Always nice to know that there are people out there far more obsessive than I am. :joy:


you are not alone

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