Best strategy for using #tags vs frontmatter tags

I’ve been using Obsidian for a while, but with a pretty narrow focus. At first I was using links-as-tags (following Jenks), then tags-as-tags (the #tag feature). Then I discovered front matter tags, and started using those. So my tags are all over the map.

Ignoring the links (Jenks) method for a moment, what’s the best way to use tags? With #tags in the body, or in front matter?

I read somewhere here that the original plan was to make YAML blocks available mainly for plugins. But lots of people manually create and maintain them.

Is there an evolving “best strategy” for tags? Any discussions or videos (recent, I hope) that seem useful? I’d really like to clean this up in my vault.



I personally use them both. Since frontmatter tags are mostly automated via templates, they are economical for me. I can use them in Dataview queries without having to add fields:: like this on markdown to get Dataview to work. With normal #tags, I get the benefit of the tag panel + all the nested/tags/goodness.


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