Best practice for quotes

I have hundreds of quotes to enter into Obsidian.
Should they be entered:

  • individually
  • in lists grouped by a tag/keyword
  • as 1 long list
    Opinions please. TIA

It probably depends on how you want to use them. I’m still not sure myself, I’ve entered them in different ways because it’s not yet very clear to me how the embedded search will work in its final version.

My personal opinion for a best practice is to make individual atomic notes for each and tag them in ways that will allow you to aggregate them to your preferences later. Potential tags are a quote marker (#quote) and the author (#AbrahamLincoln) so you can at a minimum aggregate to an author page. Or make an author page ex. [[Abraham Lincoln]] and backlink all to that. Additional tags for topics may add value as well, some will likely suggest topic pages (aka MOCs etc) but that feels very frictional to me for quotes.

I’ve been using Obsidian since very early on and saving quots but am still not sure what my final best practice will be…interested in how others are doing it at this point.


Try use [[@tag group]] and/or Head 1
@ is use for tag and create a page like Roam.

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How does [[@tag group]] work? I tried it out but it just created a page called @tag group, or if I did [[@#tag group]] it just made a page called @.

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I try to put quotes in the source note of a book/article/movie/etc. For those who are just attributed to a person/character, I’ll put it on that persons/characters page. It’ll potentially be a lot of people but it seems to be the most fruitful way. Then I tag it #quote + whatever else I feel like. There are probably better ways but I seldom need to find #quote + #abrahamlincoln, but I rather find #quote + #liberty for example, and see where the quotes are from in the link headers. But as long as I tag them properly, they’ll show up wherever they are.