Best option for capturing webpages with images?

If I’ve overlooked this somewhere, feel free to just point me in the right direction. I see several threads about browser plugins for saving markdown files, but I’m wondering about webpages that particularly contain images.

As an example, some of the notes I have imported from my previous software are about edible wild plants. They contain images of parts of the plants - which are an essential part of the content; they aren’t just to look pretty.

What’s the best/most efficient way to save such things, so both the images and the overall text end up in the right file locations? Is there a way to do this without saving each individual image manually?


The plugin I use is called MarkDownload

Looking at the user guide, there is a Download Mode that will download the images as well as the text.

Oooh; I missed that MarkDownload had options that would do that. Thank you!

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Follow-up question: If I download these to my default downloads folder, then I have to move them to get them into my vault. If I’m also moving the images, is this going to confuse the marked-down links?

You can also use the Web Clipper bookmarklet alongside the Local Images plugin

More info here:


@kepano Thanks so much! I have this working on Safari on my phone and was blown away when it just opened the created note in Obsidian. I truly was not expecting that.

Even though I am new to it, I highly recommend this to anyone who sees this. Gone are the days of manually selecting pages on my phone browser. The only thing I might miss is the brief respite while the page slowly scrolled down multiple times a day.

I saw that you mentioned it doesn’t work for all pages. In the rare cases where the website disallows it like you mentioned, can anyone recommend a better way to select all text and images of a page besides highlighting the first word and then manually extending the selection to the end?

I am so happy to have seen this. Thanks again!

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I’m nervous about using the bookmarklet because it seems complicated to even get installed, and a bunch of people reported errors. I might have to leave that one to the developers until it’s more “polished” from the user end.

But that local images plugin looks like an amazing addition to almost any web-capture tools.

What I’m using most right now are the Copy as Markdown plugin (REALLY handy when I just need segments of something, and especially when images aren’t involved), and MarkDownload. The local images plugin could work well with MarkDownload, I think.

@a2jc4life Sounds good. With Markdownload, you shouldn’t need the Local Images plugin.

Anyways, for me, to install the clipper on Safari on an iPhone, I just created a bookmark of any page. Then you can long hold and choose edit. Rename the bookmark and paste the minified (code that appears to be one line on the site) into the bookmark url. Now, when you are in Safari and want to clip a page, you can just tap the address bar and this will temporarily show you your bookmarks. Just tap on the clipper bookmark you just created and it will show a dialog asking if you want to open in Obsidian, which you do.

The only issue I am having is that not all images come through. However, when I manually manually select and copy pages then paste them (using the tap then paste context popup in a note) the images do come through. Otherwise, it really is a great timesaver. It would be awesome to automate the use of templates in conjunction with this clipper.

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