Best apps to iframe in Obsidian

Now that we have html <iframe> in 0.8.1, users are integrating other apps with Obsidian in fun and interesting ways. I’m curious what is the best app(s) (or type of app) to pair with Obsidian. Some initial thoughts:

  • The app should fill in Obsidian feature gaps: project/task management, outliner, etc.
  • The app should support being iframe’d and be useful in an Obsidian pane.
  • Optional: The app should easily facilitate movement of data, example: copy/paste markdown.

So I would love to hear what users are doing right now. Post screenshots! Some apps I’ve seen mentioned on Discord: Todoist, Amazing Marvin, Dynalist.


Notion for table data


Trello! It’s really useful for management.

Todoist is great as it keeps you logged in in the iframe.


I just found that it’s impossible to embed a trello board or card using iframe if the borad is private. Sad.

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I’ve never embedded an iframe - would you mind explaining how to embed the Todoist “today” tasks? This would be amazing for my workflow!


Airtable works in table view; Airtable will generate at the completed embed code:


Are you able to embed Trello boards, I see that trello adds header to forbid iframe embeds? Anyone else getting this - though I only tried private boards…

private boards cannot be embedded. I tried a public board and it worked for me. Remember to add “html” at the end of the url of your board.

<iframe src="" frameBorder="0" width="340" height="220"></iframe>

I don’t believe Notion allows iframe

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I don’t know about Todoist specifically, but for most apps, you can try by copying the web url into an iframe element. In your Obsidian note, you would have:

<iframe src="app url" width="100%" height="500px">

You can adjust height and width however you want and some apps support special html attributes.


Thank you very much!

Was so happy to see that feature, my first thought was notion but you’re right it doesn’t work. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m replacing all my thing in notion to coda Wich support iframe

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YouTube. Nothing better.

CODA support iframe but when I pasted their iframe code I only get a blank screen. Someone know why?

Google Calendars can be embeded, but only if they are set to public. :neutral_face:

It’s useful as a reference though.

And you could potentially use your personal calendar, but you would have to publish it as a public calendar first.

That setting is per-calendar, not all calendars in your Gmail account, and you can show only the times, instead of all details.

Not ideal, but it’s easy to get a quick reference calendar, at least.

<iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

[EDIT]- Published Google Sheets work too!

File>Publish to the Web>Embed

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I am having trouble logging into my Dynalist account when a Dynalist note is displayed in an iframe within an Obsidian note.

The problem is "not being able to log-in (I have signed up with my Google account) and the iframe error message reads: “Your browser has blocked google login popup”. However my default browser is Google Chrome and popups for are not blocked.

Does anyone have any ide how to login to Dynalist account from within Obsidian?

Hi @yalcin,

It’s not supposed to work in an iframe. Dynalist is just following the OAuth2 spec, which recommends against allowing login via iframe to prevent click-jacking.

You may find a few services using OAuth2 that allow iframes, but any major company that takes security seriously is going to follow the recommendations and block it.
(Good job, Dynalist :wink:)

Perhaps someone could write an Obsidian plugin to handle the OAuth flow and retrieve the token natively inside of Obsidian.
The plugin would need to open a new browser window and still have you login normally, outside of an iframe. But then you should be able to return to Obsidian and refresh the iframe after login.


Toggl Plan iframes nicely, as well as Toggl Track if you are into project management of this flavor.