Best approach to view a series of notes in a 3-columns-layout

Hi folks,

I would like to create a series of notes where I delve a little bit in my past. The idea is that the final layout for reading or exporting should be a 3 column layout (sortable by date) where we have

“When” on the left column
“What” in the middle (the entry itself, the content)
“Feelings” on the right column

Is there a way to achieve this with Dataview where I have the When and the Feelings as categories and the What is just the note itself?

If possibile I would like to avoid additional plugins or complicated (for me) CSS.

Thank you,

Just to make sure I’m understanding you correctly, but do you want to edit the “When” and “Why” categories as scroll down a series of “what” notes in the middle column?

Will the “when” and “why” be two single notes, or one for each “what” note?

Have you considered simply having multiple tabs aligned on each side of the “what” note(s)? I reckon that would be a lot more reliable than any multi-column setup we could conjure up together here…

Thank you @holroy for trying to help out here.

The idea is that it is all in one note containing “When” and “Feelings” eventually as metadata and the “What” is the content, my thoughts, written in the note.

I have attached now a simple example of how I would like to visualize the data of the note. If I have then 10 notes, I would like to see them all at once in one view and reorder by date.

Example 1 note

Example overview with more notes (these are two separate notes, the 1998 and the 2001 entry)

Wouldn’t it then be just a easy to have the properties of the current document visible in the sidebar? It’ll allow you to edit those as you scroll down through whatever note you’re viewing.

If using your column layout with a longer note your “when” and “why” columns will either way scroll out of view, and possibly realign your view if selected. And you’ll not easily be able to add new stuff in either of those columns.

Both of these issues will be countered using the property view in the right side panel…

Thank you holroy.

The thing is I need this one overview where more notes are visible all at once. Both to review them (with plenty of scrolling at times) but also to print them. You approach would work on a note by note base, but not for an overview of multiple notes, unless I am misunderstanding.

I’m having a hard time visualising how you’d like this to look, and where you want to edit stuff while your are reviewing the file(s).

So I’m contemplating on two different approaches:

  1. Utilising something like the meta bind plugin to allow for text areas to change properties in the first and last column, with an embedded view of a given file in the middle column (with CSS limiting the size of this embed). This way it could be possible to see both the when and why and have them available for editing, at the same time as you could scroll the file in the middle section.
    Don’t think this approach would allow for editing of the file though. Maybe through a plugin like hover editor plugin?

  2. Doing a special workspace setup, where the left tab holds links to the various file in the set you want to edit, and the middle tab holds the actual file you’re currently reviewing, and right tab (or within the sidebar) either a query or property view showing the when and why.

    2.1. If using properties you could use the file property view, which would allow for changing the properties in that view
    2.2 You could also use inline fields to hold comments as to the why and when at the location where it was natural to comment upon that, and then have the right view a query displaying those comments

The disadvantage of 2.1 is that you don’t to which part your comment was made, so they are just “general” comments without a target. The disadvantage of 2.2 is that you can’t easily edit them without searching for them, but they can be listed in a view to show all the current comments.

I am probably not explaining this well enough. I’ll do some testing in Obsidian directly and come back with a couple of examples. Thank you nevertheless for trying to help me out here!

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