Best approach for (online) course notes

Hi folks,
I just started using obsidian and wonder which is the “best” approach to keep track of (online) courses in a second brain like approach?
To start I created a courses folder with folder course a, course b, … inside. In there I have an index file with all the couse data (author, description, category tags,…) and a file for each lesson in which I take my notes.
Now after watching some second brain implementations on youtube this kinda feels wrong to me now like I have too little links and some lessons notes content could also be an own note independent from the course.
Any thoughts on this?

Hi @_marc , thanks for posting, and welcome to the community!

I’ve found that the best advice is the one I see most often on this forum: just start writing. Don’t create folders, don’t worry much about structure; just start writing notes. One note per class seems like a good way to start, with maybe a Home note that links to each class.

As your class notes grow in size you’ll naturally want to break them into smaller notes and link to them from the class note. Over time a natural structure will emerge, and it will become clear where you want to use folders and tags – if at all!

One of the beautiful things about Obsidian is that it’s flexible enough for you to adapt the content to the way you think.

Good luck, and please keep the questions and ideas coming!


P.S.: A popular organization strategy I like is called Linking Your Thinking, but I recommend waiting to explore that link until you have at least a few dozen notes in your vault.


Hey Craig, thanks for you feedback and the warm welcome!
I often tend to overthink (folder) structures and love everthing perfectly in place so I guess that’s exactly the answer I needed to read!