Best approach for downloading Wikipedia Articles

So I am currently knees-deep in saving all my articles from over the years in Obsidian, and it is working very well with the markdownload-extension. Until I recently got to some wikipedia articles, which look like this:

Those reference-links are being interpreted from obsidian as Note-References, and it would be too much work to clean every wikipedia-article manually. What is the best approach to download Wiki-Articles?

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This post discusses two alternatives to do so. Hopefully, one of them suits your need.

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Unfortunately not really! But I found some kind of a workaround.
I installed the extension “Wikipedia without Links”. So when i wonload an md file of an article, i have to deal with less clutter at least. :slight_smile:

HOLY MOLY. I just found this Website which displays wikipedia articles as just text, listing all the external linnks neatly at the bottom. Here as an example the articale about andrew callaghan: Andrew Callaghan - Wikipedia Text Only, Convert to PDF (


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