Berean Study Bible with Strongs Hebrew & Greek lexicons

Greetings ~

JUST RELEASED: new & improved Berean Study Bible (BSB) with Strongs Hebrew and Greek lexicons.

Special thanks to @Oblique for his help refining and sponsoring this project.


  1. Download latest release
  2. Extract archive
  3. Choose “Open as Folder” from within Obsidian (File → Open Vault…).

See README and resources directory for custom CSS and additional screenshots.


  • “Minimal” Theme → “Solarized” color scheme

  • “Minimal” Theme → “Dracula” color scheme


Congratulations and thankyou again for all your hard work. I know lot of time and testing has gone into this over the past several months.

I have found this so valuable for instantly looking up the hebrew and greek words - even when following along podcasts, bible commentaries, web presentations and found many insights I otherwise would not have discovered

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