Berean Study Bible with Strongs Hebrew & Greek lexicons

Greetings ~

JUST RELEASED: new & improved Berean Study Bible (BSB) with Strongs Hebrew and Greek lexicons.

Special thanks to @Oblique for his help refining and sponsoring this project.


  1. Download latest release
  2. Extract archive
  3. Choose “Open as Folder” from within Obsidian (File → Open Vault…).

See README and resources directory for custom CSS and additional screenshots.


  • “Minimal” Theme → “Solarized” color scheme

  • “Minimal” Theme → “Dracula” color scheme


Congratulations and thankyou again for all your hard work. I know lot of time and testing has gone into this over the past several months.

I have found this so valuable for instantly looking up the hebrew and greek words - even when following along podcasts, bible commentaries, web presentations and found many insights I otherwise would not have discovered


Thank you both for this incredible resource! There are so many versions I’ve used in Bible study, and compared with the interlinear Hebrew and Greek literal translations. The BSB comes the closest to preserving the original meanings in both the Old and the New Testaments, and has been my default for two years now through BibleHub.

However, referencing a website in my local Bible study database is awkward, especially when writing a reflection or cross-referencing figurative terms while in an area without a good internet connection. Having the entire Bible available as a searchable local database is so valuable, thank you for putting this together and sharing it with the Obsidian community!


Very much appreciate this as the BSB is my ‘go-to’ translation, and to have the Hebrew and Greek Lexicons included is so very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to do this!